Parasites, Galerie Circulaire, Oct 26th - Nov 16th, 2013
Installation and works on paper, opens Oct 25th
Bristling with Thorns, Concordia MFA Gallery, July 20th, 2013
New mixed media installation opens July 20th
Daydreaming with Christine Garvey on, New York, Jun 28th 2012
Studio visit with's Dan Teran and discussions on "doodling, memory, and fortuitous forks in the road.."
Visiting Artist at Manhattan Apparel Projects, New York, November 20th 2011
Leading printmaking workshop with NYC youth in collaboration with
the Children's Museum of the Arts in Manhattan.
See Saw Cafe Grumpy, Brooklyn, June 4th - July 4th
Current works on paper projects, and collaborations with artist, Sarah Lutkenhaus.
Reformations The Blind Barber Gallery Bar, March 30th 2011
An exhibition of drawing and collage inspired by transformations at The Blind Barber in New York.
Project collaborations with New Rome Clothing designer, Corey Mintz.
Artists We Like Art Cart NYC, March 2011
Reformations drawing series featured on contemporary art blog and mobile gallery's "Artists We Like" series.
100 Blotted Beasts: Interview with Bangkok's BK Magazine, February, 2009
Talk with BK Magazine about the 12th installment in her series
of 100 inkblot experiments featured at Phra Nakorn Gallery.

100 Blotted Beasts, Phra Nakorn Gallery,Bangkok, February 18th, 2009
An installation of 100 inkblot-inspired drawings and paintings

Now On File, Snowflake Gallery, June 6-12 2008
Monotype monsters showing at Snowflake Gallery St. Louis